Why Choose Us?

Vacations are meant to be fun and relaxing, and we believe planning a vacation should be too. We’ve all made the mistake of trying to “do-it-yourself” only to have to admit later that you should have saved time and money, not to mention had it done better, if you would have just called a professional.

Planning a vacation to Costa Rica can be time consuming, stressful and confusing. There is an abundance of information out there, some of it contradictory, out of date or just plain inaccurate. But there is no need to take a risk and take on the stress of planning it yourself!  Let our team of in-country experts help you every step of the way.

We Are In Country Experts

We are based here in Costa Rica so we personally know all of the destinations, hotels, activities, and local restaurants we recommend. We have literally hand-picked and fished on each and every single boat we offer to ensure they meet our high standards for quality and service. It has taken years of experience to weed out the good hotels from the great and the boats that look nice versus the boats that actually catch fish, so you can trust that we stand behind the products and services we recommend. We have first-hand knowledge and up to date information that just cannot be found in a guidebook. Some examples:

  • What resort recently remodeled its rooms?
  • Which boat just changed captains and where did the old captain go to?
  • What is the best restaurant to go to that will cook your catch?
  • What is the weather like and where should I go to fish?

We have the answers to these questions and many more. It’s our job to put together the best trip possible for you with our goal being that we want to do such a good job you either tell your friends & coworkers about us or come back yourself next year.

Passion & Pride

We are very passionate about what we do here and it shows in our work every single day. We take a lot of pride in finding the very best hotel and fishing partners to work with, and nothing makes us happier than to have our clients write us raving reviews when they get home. The best compliment we can receive are the repeat and referral clients we get as that is the truest way to let us know you trust us and like what we did for you the first time around. We all live in Costa Rica, love working in tourism, and love to fish – so we know exactly what you are looking for and what it takes to put together an unforgettable fishing vacation.

Superior Service

Planning a great itinerary for you is just the start. Upon arrival, we meet you at the airport, give you a brief orientation, then provide a private, air-conditioned transfer to your first destination. While you are in country, we have an amazing customer service team that is on-call throughout your stay. If you forget something at your first hotel or in the transfer van, need driving directions, are not thrilled with your accommodations or need emergency assistance, we’re here to help! You will not receive our level of personal service from an online booking site or a US based agency.

Save Time & Money

It’s true, with time you might be able to find most of the partners we work with online yourself–but remember time is money! Once you find everything online yourself you’ll realize the rates you found are the exact same rates we offered you, so essentially all that research was to find out what we already told you to begin with. In addition to getting the best rates possible with us, you’ll also put your reservations in the hands of Costa Rica’s biggest and most respected travel agency as opposed to being a one-time booking most companies assume they’ll never see again.

When you entrust us with your travel plans you’ll not only avoid the stress and hours of planning, but also will save yourself from frustrating and costly errors like having your room double booked, not having your transfer show up, or booking a ‘cheap’ fishing boat that doesn’t have the right bait or won’t burn gas to get to where the fish are. Let us help you get it right the first time with no headaches and zero wasted time when you arrive.

Proven History of Success

Costa Rica Fishing Pros have been in business for over 13 years and have thousands of satisfied customers. Check out some of our Testimonials and see what we are catching on our Facebook page.