About Us

Don’t be just a tourist in Costa Rica, be our guest!

When we set out to become the best Costa Rica travel agents dedicated to fishing in Costa Rica, we wanted to grow relationships, not just our business. We get to know our customers, then match them up with the destinations, hotels, activities, and boats that best fit their tastes. We have literally hand-picked and experienced every single hotel, tour, and fishing charter we offer so we know them all first hand. It is this eye for detail and prideful craftsmanship that makes our vacations unforgettable.

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Our History

Our parent company, the Costa Rican Vacations travel agency was started by chance when two recent college grads, Tony Silva and Casey Halloran, met in Costa Rica via a fateful “roommate wanted” ad way back in 1998.

As roommates they found they shared a passion for travel, which led them to launch a small Costa Rican news website and sent out newsletters offering Costa Rica travel tips. Soon thereafter, they began making reservations on behalf of their readers. Seeing an opportunity, in 1999 they launched a boutique agency offering customized luxury vacations to Costa Rica.

In 2005 another recent college grad from the Midwest, Chris Atkins, came down to Costa Rica wanting to see what else the world offered after a year in the corporate world. Identifying an opportunity to enter the travel agency into the sport fishing market, the life-long fisherman started the sport fishing division of the company – Costa Rica Fishing Pros. Today we have the best fishing partners throughout the entire country and have enough boats to form a small navy.

Today Costa Rican Vacations has a staff of over 80 full-time professionals in three countries, now offering tailor-made experiences to neighboring Panama and Nicaragua as well. Our team is a truly multicultural family, with over 20 nationalities represented. We love our work and are passionate about the client experience, so we take a lot of pride in high number of repeat & referral clients we have and take it as huge compliment.